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Yoga with Daniela

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Beginners are welcomed, please get in touch with me before your first class to discuss your needs. (read more)

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Private sessions are ideal for beginners and individuals to help them achieve specific goals. (read more)

Hen party

My yoga class provides a perfect addition to any Hen Party celebration. (read more)


An ideal session for team building or an away day for your organisation.  (read more)


I live in Reading with my partner and daughter.

I have worked in the fitness industry all my adult life, experiencing the different phases the body/mind goes through as life flows along its remarkable journey.

My personal approach towards body/mind has changed from the casual way of the past to the wisdom of the present; learning to listen to the body, going with it and not against it, avoiding all effort or strain and centring the attention on sensations arising from the body.

Yoga with Daniela


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